When we can take kitten in the new home?

Kittens from our cattery can be taken to their new home not earlier than in age of 12 weeks. By this time:

  • They will be treated against parasites, vaccinated twice against feline panleucopenia, rinotracheitis and calcivirus, and once against feline rabies.
  • You will get a signed sales contract
  • All kittens will have signed EU veterinary passport
  • Will be microchipped
  • Will have a pedigree or copy of it (Pedigree for neuters will be given to the owner after the castration)
  • We will also give you the sample of litter and food the kitten is used to, and a short guide about growing your Maine Coon kitten.

How to reserve a kitten from your cattery?

Before the age of 12 weeks kittens can be reserved by signing reservation contract. In case of reservation, Potential buyer makes a prepay in amount of 40-50% of the final kitten’s price. We prefer, that you also come to see kittens, before you reserve, if it’s possible.

When I will get my kitten’s pedigree?

PET class: you will get original pedigree after providing signed confirmation of castration/sterilization of your kitten. Until this moment we can provide you a copy of pedigree.

BREED class: you will get pedigree after signing sales contract.


Is castration/sterilization always needed for PET class kittens?

Yes, it’s 100% rule.


Statuses of the kittens:

  • Available — kitten is free and can be sold
  • Someone is interested in me — someone is interested, but no reservation is made and kitten may be sold or reserved in any time
  • Reserved — the kitten is reserved, but still staying in cattery
  • Sold — kitten is sold and moved to it’s new home.