IC Euphoria Amber Sun*LT

Date of Birth: 24.06.2014

Color: MCO ns22 — black silver

Title: Interchampion


Father: One Arabian Night Maccala*PL

Mother: IC NW Jamaica Amber Sun *LT

Genetic tests: Feline ADPKD and HCM: N/N (homozygous for normal type)

Tests: FCoV, FPV, FeLV, FIV, FCV, FHV, Chlamydophila spp, M. felis, M. gateae, Toxoplasma gondii — negative

Effie is our sweet black silver princess. She is very playful and active young lady. Also, she is very curious and loves to spend her time in the front of the window, looking outside. Although she may be a little bit shy with strangers, she is very delicate and tender with us.

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