IC EE*Argo Solle Rosso

2O8A2826 2O8A2718 2O8A2717 2O8A2713 2O8A2701 2O8A2698 17149934967_9b77f4d929_o


Date of Birth: 14.07.2014

Color: a22, blue tabby

Title: Interchampion


  • Father: ICH Top Coon Neiko, MCO d09 22
  • Mother: CH DK*Cooghan’s Krystyn, MCO n22

Genetic tests: Feline ADPKD and HCM: N/N (homozygous for normal type)

Tests: FCoV, FPV, FeLV, FIV, FCV, FHV, Chlamydophila spp, M. felis, M. gateae, Toxoplasma gondii — negative

Argo is a big boy with lovely temper. He likes to sleep with us and is very playful. He likes to enjoy the breakfast with all family members, laying right on the table and he is so cute during it, that we let him to do that.