Litter E


IC EE*Argo Solle Rosso  and IC Euhoria Amber Sun*LT

Date of Birth: 27.02.2017

Location: Tallinn, Estonia


Elza, female, a22 (blue tabby)  — At her new home

IMG_6401 IMG_6407 IMG_6400 IMG_6398 IMG_6473 IMG_6503 IMG_6474 IMG_6593



Eldrid, male, ns22 (black silver) — At his new home

IMG_6568 IMG_6561 IMG_6557 IMG_6555 IMG_6588 IMG_6597



Eyvind, male, as22 (blue silver) — At his new home

IMG_6587 IMG_6586 IMG_6565 IMG_6549 IMG_6547 Eyvind



Elvin, male, n22 (black tabby) — At his new home

IMG_6544 IMG_6546 IMG_6542 IMG_6533 IMG_6552 IMG_6551 Elvin