Litter I is available for reservation!

Hello everyone! During this strange period of time we have a little sunshine in our life — or sweet sweet kittens.

Yes, I know, I we have been very quiet for last months…IMG_9271

There were a lot of changes in our cattery, but now you have a chance to see, what we were hiding!

Three kittens from litter I are available for reservation in PET class.

Klick here or go to Kittens => Litter I page to see more photos!



Litter H is available for reservation!



We are happy to announce, that last three kittens from litter H are looking for their new homes.

It’s a very playful and fast gang of six creamy boys, who are still very hard to distinguish from each other. Actually, only my mom, the owner of the litter can do that!






They are really hard to get on the pictures , as they are always on the move, but my mom managed to get some pics of Harley while he was playing :)

Pssst! Harley is already reserved!






But just look at this paws! Aww! I love this pic!!! ( Thank you, Mom, for this beauty!)

It’s a Hermes on the photo, while resting after a great play with his brothers.

Have a look on the litter H page to get more info and photos!


We have new litter — litter H — born in February

Дизайн без названия

 Parents: ICH Langstteich’s Chico Medusa and CH Ru*Unicum Wafer



  •  6 curious and active baby boys (only boys this time!!)
  • All the kittens are cream color
  • We have three kittens free for reservation right now!
  • Ready to go to the new home in the middle of May



Feel free to contact us in case of interest!




We have kittens available for reservation!

IMG_4190 2



Flory from litter F
She is turning 5 months and I’m still thinking — maybe she has to be stay with us? I LOVE her! I love how she is coming every evening to sleep with us and her sweet sweet temper!

Find more photos of Flory here!





Garfield from litter G

He’s very very beautiful creamy boy with sweet sweet temper. But he’s soo active!!!

More pictures of Garfield are here




And Gina  from litter G

She is a sister of Garfield and very smart young lady.

Definitely, she is my favorite from this litter by the temper!

More pictures of Gina are here




Litter F is looking for their owners!

DSC09221bKittens from litter F were born on  10th of March and are ready to go to their new homes in the beginning of July.

We are proud to present you four beautiful tortie girls and  two black tabby boys!

You  can find more photos and information about them at the


And of course —  contact us in case you wish to be an owner of Maine Coon kitten fron EE*Trinitas cattery!