About Us

We are small family cattery in Estonia and our aim is to keep our cats happy, healthy and accompanied. All our cats live with us, are played with and kept as a family members.

We will try to introduce us to you, despite, it’s really hard to write something about yourself  sometimes…

27983007_1838061122932695_8161699416240651355_oI am the person, who runs our cattery’s communication,  answers to your letters and keeps our homepage running and up to date ( sometimes, I fail in this — sorry! ).  You probably have seen me at shows too.

I live in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia and my home is the second and smaller part of our cattery. Right now I have only one cat, Euphoria, living with me.


The second and the biggest part of Trinitas cattery is located in Jõhvi at my parent’s house.  Our male cats and two females live there.

Best Junior 2015 Argo 5. mesto nagrazdenije


My mother, Maria, is the spirit and the soul of our cattery.  Actually  running a cattery has been always her dream (at least as long as I remember). She is a generator of fresh ideas, always suggesting interesting things and unusual concepts.

While I mostly deal with communication, she is perfect in grooming and training our cats, keeping males apart of females  and rising kittens.

And of course, all members of our family are very supportive and tightly connected to our cattery.  Special thanks to my dad and to my boyfriend for their highly valued help and care :)